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Nateete Archdeaconry


Nateete Martyrs Church- Archdeacon headquarters


Ven.Godfrey B.K Buwembo

Dear Friends,

Greetings to you all in the name of the living God

My name is Ven. Godfrey B.K Buwembo and because of God’s grace, am the Archdeacon of Nateete Archdeaconry. Since the inception of the Archdeaconry, it has been led by Five Archdeacons & me being the Sixth.

The Archdeaconry has been in existence for now 38 years. It’s made up of 11 parishes,106 sub Parishes (local congregations) where parishes like Namayumba, Kikandwa, Nsangi & Kavumba with the bigger part is remote and most of the Lay Readers do reside in their personal homes and as they serve they hardly get their stipend at the end of the day thus serving in the ministry by God’s grace.

We feel that we have to engage all Christians in those Parishes to actively participate in income development activities as well as twining and connecting them to Churches and Parishes which can support them in different aspects. We are also calling upon and encouraging the Parishes and Churches within the Archdeaconry to partner with the rural ones for advancement so as they become lively and supportive.

Having said that, I call upon all people of good heart and well-wishers to join and stand with us as we make efforts to develop the whole Archdeaconry. Otherwise we appreciate all our Christians in the entire Archdeaconry for the support to the ministry.

We request that all who visit our page on the Namirembe Diocesan website join us to advance the Archdeaconry from the current level to another.


He came that we may have life in its fullness (john 10:10)


Nateete Archdeaconry became an Archdeaconry in 1977 and comprises of a total of 11 parishes, and 106 local churches and the chaplaincy of Buddo Junior School, Buddo Secondary School and Buloba Primary Teachers’ College and Buloba Church of Uganda Primary School combined.

The Archdeaconry also boasts of the precious Martyrs Church Nateete  of which is one of the first churches that was constructed in 1912 and designed by Alexander Mackay ( 13th  Oct 1849 – 4th Feb 1890) thus being a significant historical site in our Diocese.

The Archdeaconry consists of 34 primary schools, 5 Secondary schools and 1 health center.

The Archdeaconry has well organized Parishes and leaders with zeal to spread the salvation gospel of Jesus Christ however, the laborers are few the harvest is much (Matt 12:1-12) therefore calling upon any one to support in terms of financial support ,skilled and Un skilled Volunteering, In fields of discipleship, Music Dance and drama, Health, Sunday school teaching formal education ,capacity building and mentorship, women groups, financial literacy etc. as you can see there are various ways you can get Involved. Read More


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