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Research and Information

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Mr.Lule Tefeero Research & Information

Mr.Lule Tefeero
Research & Information

Research and Information is one of the departments of the Diocese purposely established to promote evidence based programs management which is aligned with Information Communications Technology (ICT).

The department invests in Multi disciplinary research through evidence based needs analysis, planning and Intervention so as to ensure sustainable church growth and development in line with the biblical values and principles.

To facilitate Evidence based planning in the Diocese, we provide well researched information which supports the analysis, formulation, implementation, designing, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programs.

The department is coordinated by the Diocesan Research and Information officer who is supervised by the Bishop’s office.


The department is mandated to undertake the initiation, analysis, growth, coordination, quality assurance and promotion of the Diocese:
  1. Evidence based research, policies and programs
  2. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) undertaking
Overall goal; To enhance the institutional capacity building in undertaking and utilizing evidence based: research, information technology. Programing and service delivery for ensuring efficient ministry work and sustainable development. Read More    


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