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Mengo Hospital

Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira’s congratulation message to Mengo Hospital for 120 years’ of excellency. Congratulations, Mengo Hospital upon your attaining of 120 years of commendable service in fulfillment of our mission to provide quality health care and education that bear witness to Jesus Christ. We applaud the Administration, Staff and all stakeholders for your tireless efforts to uphold the Institution.

Heritage courses through the veins of the Mengo Christian Hospital in every corridor, ward and pew, the legacy of those who had the dedication and vision to reach out to this community over 120 years ago, can be felt.

Mengo has been able to move further in new adventures and studies which have brought recognition. To mention but a few, the opening of a Rotary Blood Bank – the building is complete, machines installed now the challenge is to get the Blood Bank running by finding donors willing to give blood. We need increased awareness among the populace. Donate Blood to save Life.

Mengo Hospital is now affiliated to Uganda Christian University to widen the scope of training Doctors and Nurses to enhance competency and efficiency. As we strive to be among the best on the African continent, we need funding to realize our dreams i.e. expanding our outpatients department to include accident and emergency section and also to expand our maternity wing. We are counting our blessings as we grow to stretch further as we excel to turn Mengo Hospital into the 2nd National Referral Hospital.

I encourage all our staff to keep up the team spirit. In addition to your field of expertise and skills, tune into the frequency of the Holy Spirit so that God can work through you to make a difference through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Remember you are watchmen at the gate of life and death, keep the altar burning. As you touch the sick, God will release His virtue through you to restore life back to its fullness. John 10:10 Watch & Pray



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