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Easter Message 2017


“…Don’t be alarmed,” he said, “You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen!”

We thank God for the message of hope and for the resurrection of Jesus Christ; I pray that the power that raised Jesus from the dead may resurrect all that had died in us.” PREVAILING CIRCUMSTANCES IN THE COUNTRY As we celebrate this Easter there are hard times we are going through as individuals, families, the Church and the entire nation. Many of our relatives, children, youth and the elderly, of high and low profile are sickly. Those who can afford have tried to seek medical assistance at all costs whereby those who can’t afford languish in agony until death takes its toll. We have lost many valuable people due to terror, cross bar hit men, and of gun shots in broad day light. In some findings it has come out evident that at times these massive killings happen due to hatred, land wrangles, jobs, marital violence and aggravated robberies to the extent that some places are hideous. CONGRATULATORY MESSAGE Amidst all shortcomings I congratulate all those who have received good things. We thank God for our leaders and the services they render to us. In a distinguished accord allow me to applaud Ssabasajja Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II for his belated Birthday which was celebrated on 13th April 2017. “Long live Kabaka.” We thank him for tireless effort to address a specific health issue every year.This year it is “Sickle Cells.”Read More



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