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The Diocesan Convention is always a blessing to Christians and all God loving people for the opportunity of intense prayers, repentance, praise and worship as well as healing and deliverance. This year’s convention organized under the Diocesan theme of the year “Come now and let us reason together; says the Lord”. Isaiah 1:18, took place on 14th May 2017 at Namirembe Cathedral Gardens with Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira, Apostle Victor Uchegbulam, Ven. Eriya Kawooya and Rev. Samuel Muwonge as the preachers of the day.

It was powerful, massive and God indeed glorified his presence as thousands of Christians around Namirembe and beyond witnessed miracles of healing and deliverance happening. Apostle Victor Uchegbulam from Nigeria asked Christians to return to God and a void worshiping and praising idols. He said we cannot undervalue the power of our God by praising him a long side small gods and therefore called on people to repent and seek for forgiveness from GOD.

Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira led the repentance session for the revival of our precious land from curses associated by idol worshiping, high crime rate, and not being faithful to the MOST HIGH. All religious leaders joined by Christians knelt down to pray for the forgiveness of our land and a crime free Uganda. Ven. Eriya Kawooya taught about the Diocesan theme of the year and he informed Christians that God is willing to reason with us and forget our sinful past for a fresh beginning in Christ. Hundreds of Christians accepted Jesus as their personal savior. We therefore thank all God loving people who turned up to witness the glory of God.



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