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CPA2: Programs Areas and the Related Strategic Activities
Mrs. Jane Male CWF. Chairperson

Mrs. Jane Male
CWF. Chairperson


Namirembe Christian Women Fellowship (CWF) is a faith based association which brings together all Christian Women in the Diocese with a purpose of uniting them into a fellowship where they are empowered with biblical teachings, values and principles of the Anglican Faith so as to discover their potential and role in serving God. It is a forum where all Christian women are nurtured with skills, knowledge and resources of spiritual nourishment and secure livelihood for the physical, mental, spiritual and healthy development of women, children, youth and the family. CWF contributes to the Diocesan Mission of promoting evangelical Christianity through teaching, nurturing, healing, caring, supporting and empowering all its members and the entire Church for sustainable development.

SCOPE: The Fellowship has a focus on all Anglican Christian Women in the Diocese: total number of over 100,000(40,000 registered and over 60,000 not yet registered).


The woman to be admired and praised is the woman who lives in the fear of the God. Proverbs 31:30


To be a model fellowship that nurtures all women to be spiritually grounded-bearing witness to Jesus Christ while striving for healthy and wealthy families and communities.


CWF aims at building Christ-like communities with a strong urge for self-reliance through massive mobilization, evangelization, partnership development, skills building and engagement of Christian women and the girl child in the socio-economic development of their households’ and communities.


I have seen the Lord (John 20:18).


CWF subscribes to the Diocesan values under which it serves its members and these include;

  1. Upholding of the Holy Scriptures
  2. Godliness
  3. Integrity
  4. Selfless service
  5. Upholding Biblical family values
  6. Unity in Christ.


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