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Bishop’s Appeal Fund 2017

The Bishop’s Appeal Fund (BAF) is a development initiative started under the visionary leadership of the Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira to actively involve Christians in the development of God’s Church in which we all serve. Under BAF, Christians are encouraged to freely contribute resources according to their will such as finances, materials, technical knowledge, advise, labour etc towards a general noble cause suggested by the Bishop and approved by the Diocesan Council.

A number of avenues are used to mobilize resources such as marathons, dinners, Bishop’s visit to Churches, lobbying from development partners, friends and well wishers etc. Since its initiation, remarkable achievements have been registered which have elevated the mother Diocese in the Province of the Church of Uganda to a standard level.

Background of Bishop’s Appeal Fund

Renovation of St. Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe 2010-2015

This fund started with the renovation of the historical St. Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe under what was famously known as the “Ttegula Project”. The Cathedral had dilapidated and many parts on it needed renovation and re-construction thus from 2010 to 2015, we got a new facelift through the fund and thanks be to God.

Renovation of Sanyu Babies Home 2015

Sanyu Babies’ Home, the first and oldest babies’ home in Uganda established in 1929 by Milnes Winfred Walker- RIP is a Christian home under Namirembe Diocese taking care of up to 50 and toddlers aged between 1 day old and 4 years abandoned children. The home desperately required the improvement of its security measures with a boundary wall and also renovation of its buildings. The 2015 Bishop’s Appeal Fund focused on ensuring the new facelift of the home.

Buloba Primary Teachers College and Uganda Martyrs Seminary Namugongo (2016-2017)

Buloba Primary Teachers College

Buloba PTC was founded by native Anglican Church (NAC) missionaries in 1930. It’s now 87 years of existence and provision of quality education training services to primary teachers both boys and girls. The structures in this institution have served for almost 87 years and many were very dilapidated in a sorry state.

Through the Appeal Fund, old structures have been renovated, new buildings constructed and water harvest systems in place. The Chaplain’s house and kitchen have been renovated, a new college kitchen and two new modern dormitories have been constructed at the girl’s wing, new bathrooms at both the gents and girls wing have been constructed, an incinerator at the girl’s wing for waste management was constructed, the security room at the college entry was given a new facelift, a lecture block was renovated, 3 water tanks have been installed at gent’s wing, new beds were purchased to facilitate the students who used to sleep on the floor, and a new toilet was also constructed at the gent’s wing.

Uganda Martyrs Seminary Namugongo (UMSN)

Uganda Martyrs Seminary Namugongo (UMSN) is a Church of Uganda Institution of higher education established by Namirembe Diocese in 1976 in memory of Christian Martyrs brutally murdered by the then King of Buganda Mwanga to offer Theological training for ordination in the Anglican Church. The seminary which is affiliated to Uganda Christian University (UCU) also offers certificate and diploma programs to non-ordination students in; Christian Ministries,Business Administration and Management, Community Development, Child Development and Children Ministry, Counseling and Guidance. The seminary had dilapidated structures in a very sorry state and therefore immediate action was needed to prevent unforeseen challenges. Read More



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