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Namirembe Diocesan Bookshop

It is very true that books can go where preachers and believers may never go and to that end the Diocese realized that one of the most effective means of expanding God’s ministry is through the establishment of a resourceful modern Bookshop. Namirembe Diocesan Bookshop is your stop centre that will provide to you resources that are helpful to people’s walks with God and to further the ministry of the Church through the sale of Christian products.

Our Vision

Christian evangelical content for salvation gospel and internal life

Our Mission

The Diocesan Book shop exists to provide Christian salvation content to people, develop Churches by providing reliable, accessible and affordable products and services of high quality value.

In our Bookshop, you will find the following products and services;

  1. Holly bible
  2. Prayer books
  3. Hymn books
  4. Baptism certificates
  5. Confirmation certificates
  6. Marriage certificates
  7. Provincial canons
  8. Provincial constitution, Strategic Plan 2016-2025 etc
  9. Namirembe Diocesan Constitution, Policies etc
  10. Clerical robs
  11. Cards (Pledge, birthday, marriage, success etc)
  12. Engagement rings
  13. Alter wine
  14. Holy table clothes
  15. Anointment oil
  16. Calendars
  17. Books (Historical, health, spiritual etc)
  18. Government Policies, Acts etc)
  19. Novels
  20. Offertory bags
  21. Holy cups
  22. Reams of paper
  23. Documentary basket tray
  24. Art and craft materials
  25. Umbrellas
  26. Bishop’s News Letter
  27. Note books and Diaries
  28. Key holders
  29. Wall hangings
  30. Portraits
  31. Airtime
  32. Photocopying services etc
Contact Address

Namirembe Diocesan Bookshop

Namirembe Centenary House Building

P.O Box 14297 Kampala

Tel: 0414-271682 / 0782549419




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