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The Diocese took on the name “Namirembe Diocese” in 1960, but the history of its formation goes back as far as January 1885 when Church of England created a Missionary Diocese of Eastern Equatorial Africa with the Rt. Rev. James Hannington as its first Bishop, with the headquarters at Mombasa Kenya. In the same year Bishop Hannington chose to visit Uganda which was part of his Diocese, but he was killed in October 1885 on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga II of Buganda.

Bishop Henry Perrot Parker was appointed to replace Hannington, but died of Malaria two years later on his way to Uganda.

Bishop Alfred Robert Tucker was from 1890 the third and last Bishop of that huge Diocese of Eastern Equatorial Africa. After a stint in Mombasa, he concentrated in Uganda.

In 1897 the Diocese of Uganda was created out of the Eastern Equatorial Africa Diocese, and Alfred Robert Tucker became its first Bishop with headquarters at Namirembe.

The Diocese of Mombasa was created in 1899 with the Rt. Rev. W.G. Peel as its first Bishop and that marked the end of the Missionary Diocese of Eastern Equatorial Africa.

Bishop Tucker retired in 1911 and was replaced by Bishop James J. Willis. Read More


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