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Martyrs Church Nateete


You will find at Martyrs Church the keys and locks made by Mackay and are over 115 years. There is also his stool which he used to sit on while preaching or teaching and the wooden doors were made in his carpentry. In the compound, there is also a mango tree which Mackay himself planted and its seed was brought from Karagwe. In the grave yard of Martyrs church lies Mackay Sembera Kamumbe one of the first people to be baptized and also His Excellence Godfrey Lukongwa Binayisa once a president of Uganda.

In the year 1875, the King of Buganda Muteesa 1 welcomed into his court Henry Morton Stanley. Stanley was a journalist who in admiration of what he saw in the King’s court told him how this situation could greatly improve if he added education and religion.

The King agreed and wrote a letter to Queen Victoria of England and this appeared on 15th November 1875 in the Daily telegraph in London’s News paper. The letter was requesting the Queen to send the Christian Missionaries to Buganda to tech religion to the Kabaka subjects. Finally the missionaries arrived and were received by King Muteesa 1 at his palace in Lubaga on 30th June 1877. Read More


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