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CPA2:Livelihood Empowerment
CPA3:Community Health
CPA4:Capacity Building
Mr. Kabanda Paul Health Secretary

Mr. Kabanda Paul
Health Secretary

The Health and Social Services Department of the Diocese is aiming at promoting people’s standards of health through disease prevention, treatment, care, support, and advocacy. We partner with other institutions in the multinational HIV/AIDS programs, social life interactions and General Health care Programs. This is aimed at bringing better health to the hurting, deprived, diseased and orphaned people as a means of fulfilling Jesus’ mission of having life in its fullness.

Departmental Vision: Healthy people living in health communities

Mission: Contribute to the attainment of a good standard of health to all people in the areas

under the influence of the Diocese in order to promote their well being and development.

Overall Strategic Objective: Coordinating the facility and non- facility based health services, work towards the improvement of livelihood programs and the promotion of social services in the Diocese.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To scale up access to HIV/AIDS prevention care and treatment programme.
  2. To empower communities enhance their livelihoods security
  3. To promote Community Health Services in Namirembe Diocese.
Core Programme Areas:
  1. HIV/AIDS Programme
  2. Livelihood Empowerment Programme
  3. Community Health Promotion Programme
  4. Institutional Capacity Building Programme.

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