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CPA1: Evangelism
CPA2:Decade of Mission
CPA3: Environmental Conservation
CPA4: Capacity building.
CPA5:monitoring and evaluation
Rev. Samuel Muwonge Mission Secretary

Rev. Samuel Muwonge
Mission Secretary

The mission and Evangelism department is the reason why the Diocese exists and it aims at ensuring intensive teaching, preaching and spreading the gospel in all corners of the Diocese so as to win more disciples to risen Christ. The department is governed by a a Mission Board which is the supreme decision making body and the day today activities are coordinated by the Mission & Evangelism secretary  who works with a devoted professional team to realize the mission mandate.


” Being rooted and established in Christ and bonding in fruitfulness” Colossians 2:7


Mission based on Bible scriptures and selfless service for a meaningful ministry to all people including the under privileged through prayer and fasting, convention, crusades, healing and deliverance as well as empowerment.

Overall strategic objective

To have a department that nourishes spiritual, physical, social and psychological growth and development among all people through encouraging, supporting teaching and promoting praise and worship of God in our diverse congregations.

Specific Objective

  1. To develop, promote and implement new strategies and approaches for modern day mission and Evangelism so as to make God’s ministry effective.
  2. To build capacity of religious leaders in modern evangelism and missionary work at all church levels in the Diocese.
  3. To mobilize Resources for the facilitation of the salvation gospel in all corners of the Diocese.
  4. To serve and promote the underprivileged like the needy, poor, oppressed, disabled, and misaligned for a meaningful life style.
  5. To protect and preserve the environment through forestation, teaching people the dangers, importance and creating awareness.
  6. To over see the spiritual life of Diocesan staff
  7. Advise departments and fellowships to programs, projects which are mission oriented so as to full fill the great commission. Read More

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