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  1. Ensure that the church promotes her mission, values and aspirations through her founded institutions of learning
  2. Governance of all the Education affairs in the diocese
  3. Putting in place a diocesan education policy and monitor its implementation
  4. Advise the diocese in all matters of education
  5. Interpret and implement the church of Uganda education policy and guidelines
  6. Interpret and implement the national Education policy ,education acts,statutes and guidelines especially those aspects which don’t contravene the church of Uganda (Anglican) faith and ethics
  7. Rising resources locally and internationally to facilitate the education  work in the diocese
  8. Inspect or cause inspection of church founded learning institutions in the diocese
  9. Network with other education bodies and NGO’s both locally and internationally
  10. Co-opt other persons (if necessary) with special skills or experience but not exceeding three(3) people

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