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Children’s Ministry

Mrs. Deborah Kaweesa Sunday School Ministries

Mrs. Deborah Kaweesa
Diocesan Children’s Worker

Through the Children’s Ministry the Diocese ensures effective mobilization, coordination, implementation, management and sustainability children programs. Children are a blessing from God, considering that the diocese is a steward of God’s people; it is responsible for facilitating the spiritual growth of the children in its communities.

Purpose: To identify, mobilize, unite, nourish, nurture and empower the Children in the diocesan communities with Christ-like-holistic care, support and life-skills to enable them attain godly, happy, healthy, self-reliant and secure livelihoods.

Target group: The Department embraces children (boys and girls) of 0- 14 years.

Strategic Program Interventions:  Christ-like holistic nourishment,  care and support which addresses the spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional/needs of the children based on the   the  values and principles of the Anglican faith.

Mandate of the Children’s Ministry

  1. Putting in place a Child Protection Policy and Monitoring its Implementation.
  2. Supporting, Monitoring and Uplifting the Standard of Sunday Schools.
  3. Identifying and Building the Capacity of Sunday Schools Teachers.
  4. Endorsing and monitoring the Curriculum of Sunday Schools.
  5. Establishing and strengthening the Link between Parents and Sunday Schools.
  6. Establishing Partnerships between the Diocese and Individuals or Organizations involved in the work of Children.
  7. Establishing policy and trainings aimed at helping Christian Parents in Child upbringing.
  8. Utilizing in its Programmes individuals with expertise and experience in Children’s Affairs.
  9. Making arrangements and resource mobilization for supporting the work of Children’s Ministry.

SCOPE: The Ministry focuses on all Children in the diocesan communities(Christians and potential Christians).


The ministry aspires for Holistically nourished children; spiritually rooted in Anglican biblical values and principles of godliness, self-reliance and fortitude.

MISSION FOR THE MINISTRY:  To nurture all round godly children by nourishing, and empowering them  with  Christ-like knowledge, skills and practices through various strategies among which are: evangelization, life and survival skills training, advocacy, social  networking and sharing best practices, psychosocial care and support, counseling and guidance. ReadMore


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